German Technical Translations for Automotive and Chemical Engineering

German technical translation Agency in Cologne, Germany. Our specialists forautomotive, chemical, control and vacuum engineering  are engineers, chemists,physicists, biologists and experienced technical translators, all native speakers. Wetranslate all languages from and to German. Trados Workbench, Transit. Typesetting.


German technical translation Agency

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We are specialists for german technical translations

Automotive production, automotive engineering, chemistry resp. process engineering, vacuum and thin-film engineering, pumps, fittings, laboratory techniques, measurement and control engineering, automation, process control engineering, ...


Highly qualified technical translators for German and 45 other languages

Our most dependable specialists are engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists, technical authors and experienced technical translators, all native speakers with many years of experience and an excellent knowledge of languages.


Complete offer for technical translations

Almost all languages from and to the German and English language
English, Danish, Dutch, Chinese, Croatian, Czech, Finnish, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Serbian, Slovakian, Swedish, Spanish, Hungarian, ...

Trados Workbench and Transit processing

Typesetting and Graphics
in German and all languages (including non-Latin languages)


Fair prices

Ask for our price list now preferably by eMail:

Need an offer? Simply send us a copy of your master document by fax, mail or preferably by e-mail.

You will then receive very soon a detailed offer with costs, processing information and delivery date - free of charge of course.


Many years of experience

Since 1979 were have been successfully translating engineering and scientific documents from the areas of automotive engineering, plant installation, machine construction, electrical engineering, information technology, steel industry any many more, as well as business documents, contracts and advertisements.



Our team supplies technical translations to the automotive industry as well as leading manufacturers of innovative processes, plants, instruments and software for the chemical and semiconductor industry as well as research and laboratories. These are world-wide groups, and industrial enterprises as well as small specialist suppliers from Germany, Switzerland, France, The Netherlands and the USA.

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Lists of Dictionaries for High Quality Technical Translations

Automotive Engineering and Chemical Engineering


We find the solutions for your international technical documentation

Ask without obligation Heike Sansalone

Sansalone Technical Translations
Heike Sansalone
Genter Str. 28
D-50672 Köln
Cologne / Germany  
Fon +49 (0)221 952 69 03
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