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Journals of Vacuum Coatings, Thin Film and Surface Technology,


Applied Surface Science

Applied Surface Science is concerned with applied physics and chemistry of surfaces and interfaces and with the atomistic description of processing, modification and characterization of surfaces, interfaces and thin films. These include growth and epitaxy, oxidation, reactivity as well as surface modification by directed energy deposition (lasers, ion or electron beams) or other techniques (i.e. plasma etching). Important areas in the field are electronic materials, (i.e. semiconductors, organic films, ceramics) and chemical processes at surfaces, (i.e. catalysis, corrosion, reactivity).

Chemical Vapor Deposition

Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) publishes Reviews, Short Communications and Full Papers on all aspects of chemical vapor deposition and related technologies, along with other articles presenting opinion, news, conference information and book reviews

Contributions to Plasma Physics

Contributions to Plasma Physics publishes original papers and reviews on plasma physics and gas discharges, including their diagnosis and applications.

The scope includes: gaseous electronics, including electrode and surface effects; plasma chemistry and processing; elementary processes, reaction kinetics and transport; physics of dense plasmas or matter under extreme conditions; wave and instabilities; basic plasma theory and numerical simulations; nonlinear behaviour, including: turbulent and stochastic phenomena, and geophysical and astrophysical plasma problems.

Crystal Engineering

Topics: noncovalent bonding and its applications in the solid state, i.e., supramolecular synthesis, analysis of crystal structures and crystal packing, theory of crystal packing and computational modeling methodology, bulk properties, e.g., polarity, porosity, magnetism, liquid crystallinity, multiple component solids such as cocrystals, solvates and salts, polymorphism and supramolecular isomerism, solid-state chemical reactions, control over packing in films and monolayers.

Crystal Research and Technology

The journal covers the relevant aspects of crystal growth techniques and phenomena (including bulk growth, thin films) modern crystalline materials (e.g. smart materials, nanocrystals, quasicrystals, liquid crystals) industrial crystallisation application of crystals in materials science, electronics, data storage, and optics experimental, simulation and theoretical studies of the structural properties of crystals crystallographic computing structure and efficency of biologically active substances.

France - Le Vide - science, technique et applications

Chaque numéro thématique comprend:
  • une partie rattachée au thème,constituée de trois rubriques:
    • science (articles de synthèse sur l'état des connaissances)
    • technologie (aperçu des procédés disponibles)
    • industrie (applications industrielles)
  • une partie Vie de Société (séminaire, écoles, nouveaux livres…)
  • une partie Vide Actualités (présentation de laboratoires, d'équipements, caractéristiques de matériels, emplois…

Journal of Crystal Growth

Topics: theory of nucleation and growth, molecular kinetics and transport phenomena, crystallization in viscous media such as polymers and glasses; crystal growth of metals, minerals, semiconductors, superconductors, magnetics, inorganic, organic and biological substances in bulk or as thin films; molecular beam epitaxy, chemical vapor deposition, growth of III-V and II-VI and other semiconductors; characterization of single crystals by physical and chemical methods; apparatus, instrumentation and techniques for crystal growth, and purification methods; multilayer heterostructures and their characterisation with an emphasis on crystal growth and epitaxial aspects of electronic materials.

A special feature of the journal is the periodic inclusion of proceedings of symposia and conferences on relevant aspects of crystal growth.

Journal of Physics D: Applied Physics

All aspects of applied physics research including experimental, computational and theoretical studies. Applied surfaces and interfaces including; growth of interfaces, surfaces nanoscale mechanical properties of interfaces and residual stresses surface modification by thermal, plasma and other treatments linear and non-linear optical probes for surfaces and interfaces interaction of electrons and UV and X-ray photons with surfaces surface modification and interface formation by ion implantation solid/liquid interfaces scanning probe techniques; STM, AFM, SNOM microscopic control of interface properties Applied magnetism and magnetic materials including; properties of magnetic thin films and multilayers nanomagnetism spin electronic materials and devices magnetic and magneto-optic recording and storage devices magnetic sensors and transducers hard and soft bulk magnetic materials and their applications computational magnetism Experimental, computational, and theoretical particle beam and plasma science including; low pressure discharge plasmas high pressure (thermal equilibrium and corona) plasmas electron, ion, and neutral particle beam techniques homogeneous and heterogeneous plasma chemistry waves and instabilities, and dust applications in materials processing application of generation of coherent and incoherent radiation application of waste remediation, and other areas Optical, electronic, electrical and superconducting properties and applications including; properties of novel materials, including optoelectronic and molecular electronic phenomena; micro and nanoelectronic properties and applications; optical phenomena in materials and their applications; laser physics and photonics; superconducting materials and their applications; solid-state devices; electrical insulation and dielectric phenomena; Structure and properties of matter including; properties of thin films structure, morphology and growth of solids mechanical, thermal, acoustic and ultrasonic properties of condensed matter physics of particulate matter

Journal of Physics: Condensed Matter

Experimental and theoretical studies of the structural, thermal, mechanical, electrical, magnetic, optical and surface properties of condensed matter.

Surface and Interface Science
This section covers experimental and theoretical studies of the science of well-characterized solid surfaces and interfaces.

Liquids and Soft Matter
Reporting studies of molecular liquids (molten salts, ionic solutions, liquid metals and semiconductors) and soft matter systems (colloidal suspensions, polymers, surfactants, foams, liquid crystals, membranes, biomolecules, etc.) including glasses and biological aspects of soft matter.

Journal of Plasma Physics and Controlled Fusion

Looking at all aspects of plasma physics and controlled nuclear fusion, together with the plasma physics of highly ionized gases and high-temperature collective processes, the journal also covers inertial confinement fusion and astrophysical plasmas, plus fusion technology and diagnostics.

Journal of Plasma Sources Science and Technology

Plasma Sources Science and Technology reports on non-fusion plasma sources which operate at all ranges of pressure and density including neutral and non-neutral plasma sources; positive and negative ion sources; free radical sources; microwave, RF, direct current, laser and electron beam excited sources; resonant sources; plasmas for etching, deposition, polymerization, sintering; plasma sources for accelerators; lighting applications; plasma sources for medical physics; plasma sources for lasers; other applications, e.g. spacecraft thrusters, industrial arc melting; plasmas as sources of UV and x-ray radiation; plasma source design, monitoring and control; source stability and reproducibility. Low-pressure plasma sources: distribution functions; excitation-radiation equilibria; vibrational excitation; mass, momentum and energy transport; ion implantation. Low-to-medium pressure plasma sources: plasma surface interactions; high pressure sources, thermal plasmas; plasma diagnostic techniques; plasma and plasma source modelling.

Journal of Thermal Spray Technology

Critically reviewed scientific papers and engineering articles combine the best of new research with the latest applications and problem solving. Covers all fundamental and practical aspects of thermal spray science, including processes, feedstock manufacture, and testing and characterization.

Microelectronic Engineering

An International Journal of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology including Nanoelectronic Engineering. The scope of this Journal includes materials, methods and designs for microfabrication, processing and inspection for microelectronic and optoelectronic elements from centimeters to nanometers.


All aspects of nanometre scale science and technology are covered in this journal. Experimental or theoretical research, engineering fabrication, atomic level machining, metrology involving dimension, size and tolerances less than the wavelength of light and down to values of at largest 0.2 nm, but preferably to x-ray levels and beyond, performance of micromechanisms such as microactuators to subnanometre and molecular levels, design of instruments and machine tools capable of measuring, performing and manufacturing to nanometre levels, the application of nanometre level instruments such as scanning tunnelling microscopes and atomic force microscopes to biology, medicine and materials science, miniaturization of electronic, mechanical and optical components, and their fabrication with such methods as ion-beam removal and deposition, molecular-beam epitaxy and electron-beam and photon-beam lithography, fabrication and use of field-emission vacuum microelectronic devices, nanoelectronics including nanometre scale semiconductor structures and their potential electronic device applications, molecular engineering - either molecular scale components or new molecular materials exhibiting unique electronic, mechanical or optical properties, nanoprecision instrumentation, x-ray multilayer thin-film fabrication and associated surface processing, Supramolecular Science and Technology section, molecular materials, self-assembly processes.

Progress in Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials

This journal is the only review journal which provides a repository of articles and references on the growth and characterization of crystals and their applications. As the years go by it is building up into an invaluable source of information on a wide range of topics.

Advances in the techniques of growing and assessing ever more perfect crystals of a wide range of materials lie at the roots of much of today's advanced technology. The literature of crystal growth is expanding faster than almost any comparable field of science.

This journal is planned to fill the need for communication and act as a rapid publication medium for review articles and conference reports in order to keep abreast of developments in this field.

Progress in Surface Science

Progress in Surface Science publishes review articles from invited authors of international stature and, on occasion, special issues devoted to conference proceedings, selected works and dedicated volumes. Because of the transdisciplinary nature of surface science, topics are chosen for their timeliness from across the wide spectrum of scientific and engineering subjects.


SemiWeb is a semiconductor, integrated circuit, micromanufacturing, flat panel display, thin film heads, and related resource and exposition center that provides the latest in company and product news, employment opportunities, connections to related sites, research references, and much more.

Surface and Coatings Technology

Surface and Coatings Technology is a principal forum for the interchange of information on the science, technology and applications of thin and thick coatings and modified surfaces which alter the properties of materials.

The scope includes all types of coatings and surface modification techniques (including physical vapour deposition, chemical vapour deposition, electroplating and surface modification by directed energy techniques). Of particular emphasis are the emerging advanced processes such as thermal spraying, sputter deposition, activated reactive evaporation, ion plating, molecular beam epitaxy, ion implantation and pulsed laser surface deposition.

Surface Science Reports

Surface Science Reports contains invited review papers on the properties of surfaces and interfaces of metals, semiconductors and insulators. The emphasis is on fundamental aspects of solid and liquid interfaces, their atomic and electronic structure. Both theoretical and experimental papers are included.

The journal also contains papers on experimental techniques and methods used to characterize surfaces and interfaces, e.g. those based upon the interaction of photons, electrons and ions with matter in the solid or liquid state.

Surface Science Spectra Online

Online version of the international scientfic journal Surface Science Spectra. An International Journal Devoted to Archiving Surface Science Spectra of Technological and Scientific Interest.

Surface Science Spectra offers convenient and easy access to spectral data from on-going international industrial and scholarly research. The Surface Science Spectra journal represents the hard-copy publication of data entered in to the AVS surface science spectra database.


The topics covered by the journal are ranging from fundamental vacuum science to industrial systems and processes, for example new developments in vacuum pumping and instrumentation, vacuum measurement, kinetic theory, gas-surface interactions, surface analysis, plasma and ion-surface interactions and etching, nanometer-scale processing, ion implantation, surface modification and coating industry, PVD, CVD and ion/plasma-assisted PVD/CVD.

Vacuum Solutions Online

Vacuum Solutions highlights the latest innovations in thin films, semiconductors, microsystems and high-technology coatings. Each issue is packed with the latest market news, articles featuring key technology breakthroughs, new product information and a diary highlighting upcoming events.

Vacuum Technology and Coating Magazine

The only monthly magazine in the world devoted exclusively to vacuum technology and processing. VT&C spans virtually every industry and every product group in the modern world of technology. Some of the industries included are automative, space and aviation, semiconductor, architectural glass, decorative coatings, data storage, medical, lighting, home entertainment, optics and fiber optics, telecommunications and military.

The magazine is a blend of a high tech scientific journal and a down-to-earth practical trade magazine for the engineering and scientific community. Reaching more than 30,000 subscribers, it penetrates 3,100 industrial facilities which use vacuum technology in their work, as well as every major national laboratory, government laboratory, and university faculty group.

Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis

The only German language journal in vacuum technology, Vakuum in Forschung und Praxis is intended for engineers and technicians in the field. Interviews with well-known experts in vacuum technology, scientific contributions, descriptions of new apparatus and processes, research news and important financial reports complete the comprehensive coverage.



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International journals for engineers, researchers and managers in the area of Vacuum Coatings, Thin Film and Surface Technology.