Industry Associations for Thin Film and Surface Technology

Manufacturers associations in the areas of Thin Films, Coatings and Surfaces.


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Industry Associations for Thin Film and Surface Technology


American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society

The American Electroplaters and Surface Finishers Society, Inc. (AESF), is an international, individual-membership, non-profit professional society. Founded in 1909, the AESF has 78 Branches and more than 7,000 members, worldwide. The Society is regarded and respected as the foremost finishing authority in the world.

European Metallizers Association

The European Metallizers Association (EMA) represents companies which apply Vacuum Web Coating Technology.
The objective of the association, which was founded in 1985, is to protect the common interests of the metallizers, in particular in relation with the development of new areas of application, the establishment of statistics, standardization and public relations for the indutry, all commercial or profit-making activities being excluded.

France - Joint Equipment Manufacturers Initiative JEMI

JEMI- France (Joint Equipment Manufacturers Initiative) is a non profit association of the French manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials and services to the worldwide Semiconductor Industry. Use the JEMI- France site as your source of information covering the products and services for the semiconductor industry.

International Disk Drive Equipment and Materials Association

Trade association for the data storage industry, drive manufacturers and suppliers of components, equipment, materials, and services. The IDEMA mission is to promote the international data storage industry by establishing communication channels for all its participants, thereby facilitating cooperation, progress and growth. IDEMA meets this challenge, in part, by providing a wide range of educational programs and networking events, including dinner meetings, the international DISKCON tradeshows, and standards development.

International Union for Vacuum Science, Technique, and Applications

IUVSTA is a Union of national member societies whose role is to stimulate international collaboration in the fields of vacuum science, techniques and applications and related multi-disciplinary topics including solid-vacuum and other interfaces.

IUVSTA represents nearly 15,000 physicists, chemists, materials scientists, engineers,
and technologists who are linked through their common use of vacuum.

They are active in basic and applied research, development, manufacturing, sales, and education.

Japan - Semiconductor Equipment Association

Semiconductor Equipment Association of Japan (SEAJ), founded in March 1985, promoted by the major semiconductor equipment manufacturers, is a nationwide organization of semiconductor manufacturing and liquid crystal display (LCD) panel manufacturing equipment manufacturers and related equipment manufacturers.

Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI)

Representing more than 2,400 member companies, Semiconductor Equipment and Materials International (SEMI) is the trade association serving the global semiconductor equipment, materials and flat panel display industries. Since its inception in 1970, SEMI has played an increasingly vital role in industry expansion, visibility, and representation.

Society of Vacuum Coaters

Society of Vacuum Coaters (SVC) covers industrial vacuum coating applications using physical vapor deposition (PVD) processes - evaporation, sputtering and ion plating through a conference, short courses & equipment exhibit.

UK - British Coatings Federation

The British Coatings Federation (BCF) is the sole trade association for the decorative , industrial and powder coatings and printing inks manufacturing industry in the UK. It represents over 90% of the total market in the UK, with a value of 2.0 billion.

UK - British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association

The British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association was founded in 1970 to represent the surface treatment supply industry in the United Kingdom. Its members are engaged in the manufacture and sale of process chemicals, plant and equipment, and ancillary products for the surface treatment of metals and other materials. The surface treatment sectors include electroplating, aluminium treatments, phosphating, autocatalytic plating, lacquers, and polishing. The associated key manufacturing sectors are automotive, consumer goods, electrical and electronics, aerospace and defence.

UK - Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative JEMI

JEMI is the Joint Equipment and Materials Initiative. It is the only association truly representing the interests of manufacturers and suppliers of equipment, materials and services for Semiconductor production across the UK and Ireland.

UK - Metal Finishing Association

The Metal Finishing Association is THE trade association for all companies involved in applying finishing to metals or metal finishes to other substrates.

UK - Surface Analysis Forum

The Surface Analysis Forum is a forum for scientists from academia and industry with a common interest in Electron Spectroscopy for Chemical Analysis and surface science in general.

UK - Surface Engineering Association

The Surface Engineering Association provides the focus for all aspects of the surface engineering industry.
The SEA brings together the: membership, resources, technical and industrial expertise of the MFA (Metal Finishing Association) and the BSTSA (British Surface Treatment Suppliers Association).

US - National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative

The National Electronics Manufacturing Initiative (NEMI) is an industry-led consortium whose mission is to assure global leadership of the North American electronics manufacturing supply chain. With a membership that includes more than 50 electronics manufacturers, suppliers, associations, government agencies and universities, NEMI provides an environment in which partners and competitors alike can collectively anticipate future technology and business needs and effectively develop collaborative courses of action to meet those needs.

US - The Metal Finishing Suppliers Association

MFSA represents the interests of suppliers to the surface finishing industry. MFSA works to promote and grow this industry and support its members through a variety of benefits. If you are a supplier of chemicals, equipment, or services to the surface finishing industry you need to belong to MFSA. More than 165 of the industry's largest and most influential suppliers are MFSA members.



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Industry Associations for Thin Film and Surface Technology
Manufacturers associations in the areas of Thin Films, Coatings and Surfaces.