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Interesting sites about microelectronics, semiconductors and related areas. Visit also the other categories of the Microelectronic Webguide.


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Webguide Microelectronics and Semiconductor Technology


Useful Sites for Microelectronics


BOIN´s Semiconductor Linkpage

News and Links to companies, organizations and universities involved in semiconductor research and development. Topics: semiconductor links, wafer, silicon, chip, gallium arsenide, equipment vendor.

Chip Directory

Numerically and functionally ordered chip lists, chip pinouts and lists of manufacturers, electronics books, CDROM's, magazines, WWW sites and much more.

Hong Kong - Advanced Electronics Processing Technology Centre

HKPC's mission is to promote productivity excellence through the provision of integrated support across the value chain of Hong Kong firms, in order to achieve a more effective utilisation of resources, to enhance the value added content of products and services, and to increase international competitiveness.

IC Knowledge

IC Knowledge is a company providing knowledge resources to the semiconductor industry. Topics: Integrated circuit economics, process technology and facility design, semiconductors, wafers, microelectronics.

MIT s Semiconductor Subway

The Semiconductor Subway provides links to all manner of semiconductor and microsystems related information, including fabrication facilities, research activities, standards work, etc.

PlanetEE - The Global Resource for Electronics Engineers

PlanetEE is dedicated to serving the global electronics industry as the comprehensive technical resource, design, solution, and commerce center for the worldwide community of electronic design engineers and engineering management.

RacingW Review and Commentary for the Photonics and Microfabrication Community

This site is a review and commentary site specifically targeted for technical professionals in the microfabrication, photonics, and data storage communities. However, the nature of the articles - focusing on ideas and concepts rather than specific research topics - will be useful for career development for technical professionals in all fields. The articles are meant to be brief and read along with their links. As such they provide an ongoing review of the Internet for the focused community.

Semiconductor Electronics Division at NIST

The Semiconductor Electronics Division (SED) provides leadership in developing the semiconductor measurement infrastructure essential to improving U.S. economic competitiveness. It provides necessary measurements, physical standards, and supporting data and technology; associated generic technology; and fundamental research results to industry, government, and academia. The primary mission of the Division is to provide the measurement infrastructure to U.S. industry for mainstream silicon CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor) technology. The Division's programs also respond to industry measurement needs related to compound semiconductors, power electronics, and MicroElectroMechanical Systems (MEMS).



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Useful Sites for Microelectronics
Interesting sites about microelectronics, semiconductors and related areas. Visit also the other categories of the Microelectronic Webguide.