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Journals and eZines devoted to the science and technology of semiconductors, microelectronics and related areas. For scientists, engineers and managers.


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eZines and Journals of microelectronics, semiconductors and related areas


Advanced Packaging Magazine - Semiconductor, IC Packaging

This magazine delivers microelectronics news and technology for engineers involved with semiconductors, integrated circuits, assembly, wafer dicing, die placement, wire bonding, encapsulation and package inspection.

Advanced Packaging, IEEE Trans. on (T-ADVP)

The design, modeling, and application of interconnection systems and packaging: device packages, wafer-scale and multichip modules, TAB/BGA/SMT, electrical and thermal analysis, opto-electronic packaging, and package reliability.

Analytical Instrument Recycle, Inc

The majority of our business is "Full Instrument Systems"; GC/MS, GC, HPLC, ICAP and AA as well as lab case work, benches and hoods. Warranties are offered for almost all of our instrument systems. Often we sell our systems with added services such as installation and training. Renting, leasing, repair, refurbishment and upgrade services are all routinely available. In the past, we have not offered medical laboratory equipment.

Applied Superconductivity, IEEE Trans. on (T-ASC)

Materials and their applications to electronics and power systems, where superconductivity is central to the work. Materials papers are directed towards applications so that their contents are of great interest to the applications community. Includes a technical notes section dedicated to short correspondences whose rapid publication is considered important to the development of the field.

Cahners MicroDesign Resources Web Site

Cahners MicroDesign Resources is the world's leading research firm covering advanced microprocessor architecture. MDR's products include the Microprocessor Report (four time winner of the Computer Press Award for best newsletter), a range of ongoing research reports, and a Web site including seven years of archived information. Events produced include the Microprocessor Forum and the Embedded Processor Forum (the leading events in their industries) and a series of one day seminars.


online service for electronic-component information and sourcing. Analog, ASICs, Audio, Batteries, Consulting, Discretes, DSP, EDA, Embedded Systems, Filters, Foundry Freeway, Home Automation, IP&E, Languages , Memory , Motor Control, Multi-Media, Networking, Online Tools, Operating Systems, Power & Power ICs, Processors, Programmable Logic, Robotics, Security, Sensors, Signal Integrity, Speech, Tools, Tests & Measurement, Transportation, Utility Companies, Wireless.

Circuit Assembly Online

Circuits Assembly is the only magazine that specifically serve the through-hole, surface-mount and mixed-technology PCB assembly marketplace. Circuits Assembly’s editorial mission is to educate and inform assemblers about the technologies in use today and to prepare them for the changes in component packages, attachment methods and other processes expected in the future.

CleanRoom International

Magazine of contamination control and clean manufacturing for clean room professionals in the semiconductor, biotechnology, life sciences, and cosmetic markets. CleanRooms East, West also covered.

CleanRooms - Contamination Control Technology

Magazine of contamination control and clean manufacturing for clean room professionals in the semiconductor, biotechnology, life sciences, and cosmetic markets. CleanRooms East, West also covered.


CommsDesign.com, an EE Times online community, provides industry specific news, discussion forums hosted by industry experts and on-line seminars with key executives in the data communications, wired and wireless sectors. Hot Topics in 3G/Wireless, Broadband, Bluetooth and Network Processors are regular sections. Led by industry guru Loring Wirbel, lively, provocative, exclusive columns from industry experts and specialized feature articles from Communication Systems Design magazine can also be accessed from this community. Users can sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter service.

ECN Product News & Information for the Electronic Designer

ECN is the product news magazine that covers discrete semiconductors, integrated circuits, components, computer subsystems, software and test equipment for design engineers and engineering management in the electronics original equipment manufacturing (OEM) market.

EDTN - Electronics Design, Technology and News Network

The Electronics, Design, Technology & News Network, (EDTN.com), is a global online news and information resource for electronics professionals.

EE Evaluation Engineering Magazine

Topics: electronics test, test and measurement, ATE, instrumentation, EMC, ESD, ESS, data acquisition, inspection, VXI, semiconductor test, communications test, product safety, automotive electronics.

EE Product News

EE Product News helps readers find the right components and subsystems for their latest prototype design.

EE Times

EE Times delivers business and technology news every week to engineers and technical managers in the electronics industry. Besides reporting the news, editors analyze key industry trends and developments, put the news into perspective and predict what is likely to happen next. Opinion from leaders of government and industry is also part of the editorial fiber of the paper.

Online Editions

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Design & Reuse
Embedded Edge
Elektronik i Norden
Planet Analog
Silicon Strategies


EEdesign is CMP Media's comprehensive source of information for electronic design tools and methodologies. Its scope includes EDA tools, silicon intellectual property (IP), chip design methodologies, and chip and system architectures. The site incorporates news headlines, exclusive feature stories and user interviews, columns, resource listings, and a continuously updated EDA tools directory


EETimesUK is the news and information website for the engineering community in the United Kingdom. EETimesUK publishes a daily digest of the top business, technology and product stories from the EE Times Network, a worldwide network of journalists and reporters focused exclusively on the electronics industry.

eg3.com - Electronics Engineers Toolbox

eg3.com is a community portal indexing net resources, free software, papers, books, hardware, software, and services of value to the embedded, dsp, board-level (compactpci, pc/104, pci...) system-on-chip, and realtime (rtos) community.

Electronic Business

Electronic Business is the only industry publication that provides the unique and accurate perspectives, insight and analysis that senior electronics managers need to make better-informed business decisions.

Electronic Buyers News Online

EBN delivers the breaking news, analysis, and in-depth reporting of the business strategies and technology trends that the electronics industry needs to develop, execute and manage successful procurement, supply network and manufacturing strategies.


Sections of the Site: News Analysis,Business & Finance, Semiconductors, DSP/Mixed Signal, Communications,Convergence,Capital Equipment, Classifieds, Test & Measurement, Design Strategies, conductor IP, Distribution, e-Commerce, Packaging, Components.

Electronics and Communications in Japan (Part I: Communications)

EDN is the single most comprehensive source of technical information on electronics applications, products, technology and design techniques for engineers and engineering managers.


On-line resource for embedded systems developers. Tutorials, code, demos, and news, along with information about Embedded Systems Programming Magazine and the Embedded Systems Conferences.

EP&P (Electronic Packaging & Production)

EP&P (Electronic Packaging & Production) is the premier magazine for mid- to-senior-level engineering professionals and management in the electronics manufacturing industry.

High Density Interconnect Online (HDI)

HDI-Online provides information on back-end semiconductor test, assembly and packaging processes by posting articles, buyer's guides, news information and providing industry links.

IC Insights

IC Insights is dedicated to providing high-quality, cost-effective market research for the integrated circuit industry. IC Insights offers coverage of global economic trends, the IC market forecast, capital spending and fab capacity trends, product market details, and technology trends, as well as complete IC company profiles and evaluations of emerging markets for ICs.

IC Master

The industry's leading source on current and discontinued ICs. This comprehensive database, updated frequently, includes device specifications for over 135,000 base part numbers from more than 345 manufacturers. Also included are pinout and package data, "deeplinks," application notes, industry-wide second sources and cross-references, sales office and distributor information, and much more.

IEEE Journal of Selected Topics in Quantum Electronics (J-STQE)

The latest theory and applications of quantum electronic devices and technologies. Areas covered include communications, medicine, telemetry, sensing and measurement, consumer electronics, semiconductor lasers, integrated optics, solid-state lasers, and fiber lasers.

IEEE Pervasive Computing: Strategies for Mobile, Wireless, and Distributed Applications (M-PVC)

The popularity of mobile Internet access, third-generation wireless communication, handheld devices, and Bluetooth have made pervasive computing a reality. To help you keep pace, this new publication covers mobile computing, wireless networks, security, scalability, intelligent vehicles and environments, and pervasive computing applications.


The INFRASTRUCTURE service provides readers with leading edge information about the technology sector. The core expertise resides in the Semiconductor Equipment, Semiconductor and FPD industries. Infrastructure also touches on industries related to the consumption of semiconductors in many publications.

Integrated Communications Design Magazine

Communications equipment design and development of electronics, fiber optics and embedded software for carrier and enterprise developers supporting the tele- and data-communications markets.

Integrated System Design Magazine

Integrated System Design's editorial focus emphasizes the concerns of system designers. ISD provides design and development engineers and managers with information on EDA tools, semiconductor technologies, and design methodologies.
On isdmag.com, visitors will find daily industry news alongside fresh editorial from senior-level design engineers on cores and megacells, ASIC engineering, programmable logic, microprocessors, and many other relevant topics. They'll also find useful resources including reference designs, benchmark studies, research results, and online seminars. The Online Vendor Guide, with detailed lists of design tools and products, is a priceless resource to the engineer, and the ISD Archive is a convenient, easily-accessible library of information.

ISD - Integrated System Design

Integrated System Design's editorial focus emphasizes the concerns of system designers. ISD provides design and development engineers and managers with information on EDA tools, semiconductor technologies, and design methodologies. Online: Daily industry news alongside fresh editorial from senior-level design engineers on cores and megacells, ASIC engineering, programmable logic, microprocessors, and many other relevant topics.

Journal of Micromechanics and Microengineering

JM&M covers all aspects of microelectromechanical structures, devices and systems, as well as micromechanics and micromechatronics. The journal aims to highlight the link between fabrication technologies and their capacity to create novel devices.

Laser Focus World - Optoelectronics and Laser Technology Advances

Magazine providing optics, fiberoptic, and laser trends to engineers, and researchers. Articles cover various laser applications including excimer micromachining, medical imaging, diodes, VCSEL and dwdm.

Micro Magazine

MICRO dedicated to defect reduction, process control, and yield enhancement strategies for the semiconductor and related advanced microelectronics manufacturing industries.

Microelectronic Engineering

An International Journal of Semiconductor Manufacturing Technology including Nanoelectronic Engineering. The scope of this Journal includes materials, methods and designs for microfabrication, processing and inspection for microelectronic and optoelectronic elements from centimeters to nanometers.

Microelectronics Journal

Microelectronics Journal is an international forum for the dissemination of research into, and applications of, microelectronics. The journal covers the two main categories of Circuits and Systems and Physics and Devices.

Microelectronics Reliability

Microelectronics Reliability is dedicated to disseminating the latest research results and related information on the reliability of microelectronic devices, circuits and systems. The coverage of the journal includes the following topics: physics and analysis; evaluation and prediction; modelling and simulation; methodologies and assurance

Microprocessor Report

Microprocessor Report is a subscription newsletter for makers and users of high-performance microprocessors and is published by Cahners MicroDesign Resources. Microprocessor Report is a five-time winner of the Computer Press Award for best newsletter.

Microprocessors and Microsystems

The coverage includes: Multiprocessor architecture and designs, distributed systems, new PC and workstation architectures, backplane buses, memory, interfacing, microprocessor development, simulation, testing, semicustom devices, programmable logic, gate arrays, design methodologies, applying CAD tools, software engineering, real-time systems, distributed systems, parallel processing, performance engineering, software reliability and metrics, operating systems, software tools, CASE, development environments, compilers, programming languages.


All aspects of nanometre scale science and technology are covered in this journal. Experimental or theoretical research, engineering fabrication, atomic level machining, metrology involving dimension, size and tolerances less than the wavelength of light and down to values of at largest 0.2 nm, but preferably to x-ray levels and beyond, performance of micromechanisms such as microactuators to subnanometre and molecular levels, design of instruments and machine tools capable of measuring, performing and manufacturing to nanometre levels, the application of nanometre level instruments such as scanning tunnelling microscopes and atomic force microscopes to biology, medicine and materials science, miniaturization of electronic, mechanical and optical components, and their fabrication with such methods as ion-beam removal and deposition, molecular-beam epitaxy and electron-beam and photon-beam lithography, fabrication and use of field-emission vacuum microelectronic devices, nanoelectronics including nanometre scale semiconductor structures and their potential electronic device applications, molecular engineering - either molecular scale components or new molecular materials exhibiting unique electronic, mechanical or optical properties, nanoprecision instrumentation, x-ray multilayer thin-film fabrication and associated surface processing, Supramolecular Science and Technology section, molecular materials, self-assembly processes.

PC Fab - Printed Circuit Fabrication

PCFAB-Online provides information on back-end semiconductor test, assembly and packaging processes by posting articles, buyer's guides, news information and providing industry links.

PCD - Printed Circuit Design Magazine

Printed Circuit Design is committed to provide engineers, designers and engineering management with the latest techniques, technologies and market trends as they relate to the design of PCBs, programmable devices, MCMs and related high-density interconnects

Planet Analog

PlanetAnalog.com, an EE Times online community, is the resource for analog and mixed/signal technology. Led by industry guru Stephen Ohr, this web site features up-to-the-minute news; exclusive user interviews, feature articles, commentary; and a regular online poll. The Technology Insights section is intended to provide management and engineering insight on technology trends, and assess their impact on analog and mixed-signal design. The site also includes industry resources and new product listings, in addition to an events calendar. Users can sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter service

Planet EE - Electronic Design

Electronic Design Online is the comprehensive technical information resource and solution center for the worldwide community of design engineers and engineering managers.

Planet EE - Microwaves + RF Market

Wireless Systems Design - For Designers of communications and computer systems

productronic Fachzeitschrift + eZine für Elektronik-Fertigung

Fachwissen und spezialisiertes Know-how für die Bereiche Elektronikfertigung (Planung, Vorbereitung, Steuerung und Überwachung), Produktionstest und Qualitätskontrolle.

Semiconductor Business News / Silicon Strategies

Silicon Strategies is a strategic information and business portal of the Electronics Design and Technology News (EDTN) network serving the global semiconductor food chain. The site is "powered by Semiconductor Business News," offering SBN's existing audience of semiconductor and related industry managers a more focused conduit to technical and business information about the equipment, manufacturing, and end-user markets.

Semiconductor Fabtech

Semiconductor Fabtech is a review of new technology developments in the semiconductor industry. Online services contain news and case histories in vertical segments.

Semiconductor International

Semiconductor International is the technical/business publication covering and serving the global semiconductor manufacturing industry.

Semiconductor Online

Resource for professionals in the semiconductor industry- Information on manufacturing, technology, microelectronics, substrates, photostabilizers and more.

Semiconductor Science and Technology

Semiconductor Science and Technology is devoted exclusively to semiconductor research and applications, this journal's multidisciplinary approach reflects the far-reaching nature of this topic.

Semiconductors Network

Professional's site for the semiconductors and integrated circuits (ICs) manufacturing industry. Reference material for technical basics. Hot topic papers by industry professionals. Industry investment recommendations. Jobs and employment opportunities in semiconductors industry. On-line for reference books and electronics.


Exhaustive Semiconductor manufacturer's list.


SemiWeb is a semiconductor, integrated circuit, micromanufacturing, flat panel display, thin film heads, and related resource and exposition center that provides the latest in company and product news, employment opportunities, connections to related sites, research references, and much more.

Smart Materials and Structures

Dedicated to technical advances in smart materials and structures, this journal covers both basic and applied research in physics, engineering and materials science, and also industrial applications.

SMT - Magazine - Surface Mount Assembly of Printed Circuit Board

Surface Mount Technology focuses on electronics assembly of printed circuit boards. Each issue covers the SMT process and variables such as stencil, reflow, solder paste, and flux.

SMTnet Gateway to Electronics Manufacturing

SMTnet.com is an industry portal site bringing together providers and users of the products, services, and information related to electronics manufacturing. Forum, Industry Directory, Marketplace, Bookstore, News, Career Center, OnBoard Forum, Newsletter.

Solid State Technology - semiconductor manufacturing and wafer fabrication

Magazine of semiconductor manufacturing, wafer fab, integrated circuits, microchips, flat-panel displays, and solid state components for chip-making professionals. Research latest developments and trends.

Superconductor Science and Technology

A multidisciplinary forum for workers involved in any aspect of the science and technology of superconductors.

Test & Measurement - World

Test & Measurement World is the magazine that covers test, measurement, inspection and quality control in the electronics industry for engineers and managers worldwide.

The Work Circuit.com

The Work Circuit.com, EE Timesí career, work and jobs community, features the best news, features, columns and discussion threads to help engineers and managers improve their career prospects. Electronics professionals too busy actually doing their work regularly visit to stay abreast of whatís going on in The Career Mentors boards (for both students and professionals), Ask the Headhunter, Where the Jobs Are, Job Search, Global Salary Survey, TWC on Campus and more. The Work Circuit: Where Engineers Make Their Own Connections. Users can sign up for a regular e-mail newsletter service


WaferNews is the semiconductor equipment and materials weekly briefing. Early notice of technical breakthroughs, market news, and industry trends. Top 48 fab stock info online daily.

Wireless Design & Development

The new-application tabloid for design and development engineers and managers responsible for implementing wireless technology in the electronic original equipment manufacturing (EOEM) market.

Wireless System Design Magazine

Wireless System Design Magazine provides readers with everything they need to know to successfully design, develop and implement next generation wireless communications products. It does this through in-depth special reports, how-to application articles, and clearly laid-out reference material.



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eZines and Journals of microelectronics, semiconductors and related areas
Journals and eZines devoted to the science and technology of semiconductors, microelectronics and related areas. For scientists, engineers and managers.