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International working engineers societies of microelectronics, semiconductors, optical engineering, solid-state, packaging, system design, electrochemical science and technology and related areas.


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International Associations for Microelectronic



To improve designers' productivity, the electronic design industry needs a methodology based on both worldwide standards and open interfaces. Accellera was formed in 2000 through the unification of Open Verilog International and VHDL International to focus on identifying new standards, development of standards and formats, and to foster the adoption of new methodologies.

Accellera's mission is to drive worldwide development and use of standards required by systems, semiconductor and design tools companies, which enhance a language-based design automation process. Its Board of Directors guides all the operations and activities of the organization and is comprised of representatives from ASIC manufacturers, systems companies and design tool vendors.

Electrochemical Society

Founded in 1902, The Electrochemical Society has become the leading society for solid-state and electrochemical science and technology. ECS has 8,000 scientists and engineers in over 75 countries worldwide who hold individual membership, as well as roughly 100 corporations and laboratories who hold contributing membership.

Electron Devices Society (EDS)

The Electron Devices Society (EDS) is involved in the advancement of electronics and electrical engineering through research, development, design, manufacture, materials, technology and applications of electron devices. EDS is concerned with technical, educational, scientific publication and meeting activities which provide benefits to members while contributing towards the progress of this field.

European Electronics Chips + Systems Design Initiative (ECSI)

ECSI was established in 1993 with support of European Commission via the ESPRIT project ECIP and sponsoring of participating companies, and is open to all institutions or industries who wish to support EDA standardization in Europe.

ECSI Mission:

To identify, develop and promote efficient methods for electronic systems design, with particular regards to the needs of the system-on-chip
To provide ECSI members with a competitive advantage in this domain for the benefit of the European industry.

European Initiative to Promote Known-Good-Die Tech.

The GOOD-DIE Project (" Get Organised Our Dissemination of Die Information in Europe ")
is an EC initiative which aims to promote the development of infrastructures for procurement and use of Known Good Die (KGD) world-wide.

Objectives of the project are:

Assessment of KGD standards world-wide

An open membership Network for generation and exchange of information on KGD

Dissemination of information on KGD and its technology

Creating Training courses and material in the use of KGD/CSP

Assessment of Handling & Delivery methods for KGD/CSP

Assessment of Test & Burn-inn technologies for KGD/CSP

Organising & participation in Workshops on KGD in Europe, the USA and the Far East.

Co-ordination of the procurement of Obsolete Die by networking with other groups (COG,..)

Study the use of MEMS devices and their particular handling problems

Germany - VDI-Kompetenzfeld Informationstechnik

Der Einfluss der Informationstechnik auf alle Bereiche der Technik, Wirtschaft und Gesellschaft führt heute zu völlig neuen Anforderungen im Ingenieurberuf. Im VDI-Kompetenzfeld Informationstechnik widmen wir uns daher diesem Themenfeld in einer interdisziplinären, querschnittlich orientierten Vorgehensweise.

Germany - VDI/VDE-Gesellschaft Mikroelektronik, Mikro- und Feinwerktechnik

Fachliche Arbeitsschwerpunkte

FB 1 - Mikro- und Nanoelektronik - Herstellung
FB 2 - Mikro- und Nanoelektronik - Anwendung
FB 3 - Feinwerktechnik und Mechatronik
FB 4 - Mikrosystemtechnik und Nanotechnologie
FB 5 - Aufbau-, Verbindungs- und Leiterplattentechnik
FB 6 - Electronic Design Automation
FB 7 - Elektromagnetische Verträglichkeit (EMV)

IEEE - Components, Packaging, and Manufacturing Technology Society

The CPMT Society's objectives are to provide a forum for the dissemination of technical information within its assigned areas. CPMT's fields of interest encompass the materials science, chemical processes, reliability technology, mathematical modeling, education and training utilized in the design and production of discretes, hybrids, and electronic packaging. Also included are fiber optics, connector technology, and semiconductor processing. Manufacturing technology includes systems, concepts, management, and quality as they relate to electronic component manufacturing.

IEEE - Computer Society

Topics: computers, books, education, transactions, conferences, magazines, software, concurrency, internet computing, graphics, multimedia, computing history, design test, artificial intelligence, scientific visualization, mobile, nomadic, hardware, linux, unix, windows, macintosh, supercomputer, information systems, nanotechnology, quantum, datamining, erp, e-commerce, programming languages, technology solutions, processors, chips, research, electronics, electrical engineering, computer science, standards, wireless, databases, operating systems, development.

International Microelectronics and Packaging Society (IMAPS)

The International Microelectronics And Packaging Society (IMAPS) is the largest society dedicated to the advancement and growth of the use of microelectronics and electronic packaging through professional and public education, the dissemination of information (by symposia, conferences, workshops, and other efforts) and the promotion of the Society’s portfolio of technologies. IMAPS currently has more than 7,000 members in the United States and more than 4,000 international members around the world.

International Society for Optical Engineering SPIE Web

SPIE is dedicated to promoting the engineering and scientific applications of optical, photonic, imaging and optoelectronic technologies through its education and communications programs, meetings and publications. Its members are engineers, scientists, and users interested in the development and reduction to practice of these technologies. SPIE provides the means for communicating new developments and applications information to the engineering, scientific, and user communities through its publications, symposia, education programs, and online electronic information services.

International Union of Crystallography

The IUCr is a scientific union adhering to the International Council for Science (ICSU). Its objectives are to promote international cooperation in crystallography and to contribute to all aspects of crystallography, to promote international publication of crystallographic research, to facilitate standardization of methods, units, nomenclatures and symbols, and to form a focus for the relations of crystallography to other sciences.

JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (EIA Standards)

The JEDEC Solid State Technology Association (Once known as the Joint Electron Device Engineering Council), is the semiconductor engineering standardization body of the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA), a trade association that represents all areas of the electronics industry.

Netherlands - Vereniging voor Kristalgroei

Topics: crystal, crystal growth, solid state, optoelectronics, technology, engineering, science.

Netherlands - Vereniging voor Fotonica

De Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fotonica (NVvF) is 26 januari 1946 opgericht, toen nog onder de naam Nederlandse Vereniging voor Fotografie, Fotochemie en Fotofysica. De huidige naam wordt gevoerd vanaf 5 juni 1973.

Netherlands - Vereniging voor Kristallografie

De Nederlandse Verening voor Kristallografie heeft ten doel:

de bevordering van de beoefening van de kristallografie en het contact tussen haar beoefenaren;

de verspreiding van de kennis van de kristallografie;

de behartiging van de belangen van de kristallografie en haar beoefenaren, één en ander in de ruimste zin des woords.

Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Association SESHA

Premier Global Semiconductor Environmental, Safety and Health Professional Association.

SESHA provides industry solutions via the education and development of his members,

promotes the sharing of ESH information and experience

manages a fiscally responsible association

Semiconductor Safety Association Europe

The SSA Europe organises conferences, seminars and other events aimed at bringing safety professionals together to share relevant information in the wide and varied field of environment, health and safety.

Working with the parent organisation in North America, SSA Europe linkS into a network of some 2000 members worldwide, sharing information and experiences through the conferences, meetings seminars and the SSA Journal with its peer reviewed papers and articles on topics of current interest.

Silicon Integration Initiative, Inc.

Si2 is an organization of industry-leading companies in the semiconductor, electronic systems and EDA tool industries. We are focused on improving productivity and reducing cost in creating and producing integrated silicon systems. We believe that through collaborative efforts, the industry can achieve higher levels of systems-on-silicon integration while reducing the cost and complexity of integrating future design systems

Society for the Advancement of Material and Process Engineering (SAMPE)

Topics: materials, composites, prepregs, adhesives, coatings, ceramics, metals, sporting goods, engineering, process, marine, medical, transportation, automotive, aerospace, aircraft, defense.

Surface Mount Technology Association (SMTA)

The SMTA membership is a network of professionals who build skills, share practical experience and develop solutions in electronic assembly technologies and related business operations.

The Photonics Resource Center - photonics, optoelectronics, optics and imaging resources online.
Topics: optical design, optical engineering, optical mounts, optical networking, fiberoptics, optomechanics, optoelectronics, optics jobs, optics software, photonics, laser, crystals, YAG, mems, LED, holography, illumination, image processing, thin films, coatings, infrared, ir, led, lenses, sensors, signal analysis, signal processing, smart structures, spectrometer, microelectronics, microlithography, interferometry.

Virtual Socket Interface Alliance (VSIA)

The VSI Alliance was formed in September 1996 with the goal of establishing a unifying vision for the system-chip industry and the technical standards required to enable the most critical component of the vision: the mix and match of Virtual Components (IP) from multiple sources.



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International Associations for Microelectronic
International working engineers societies of microelectronics, semiconductors, optical engineering, solid-state, packaging, system design, electrochemical science and technology and related areas.